Forever Footprints Backpacks

Sibling Backpack

How can you ever begin to explain the loss of a baby to another child? What are the right words? Forever Footprints provides Sibling Backpacks to aid in the understanding and healing of children who are grieving the loss of a brother or sister. The backpacks include children’s books, coloring books and a special teddy bear.

$50 sponsors one backpack.

Forever Footprints Memory Box

Memory Box

Memory Boxes are a precious keepsake for a family who lost a baby. Boxes are given directly to families who request them. They are also shared with local hospitals, where nurses lovingly present them to grieving families.

Memory Boxes include a handmade baby blanket, a special teddy bear, a handmade candle and information about support services. Sometimes, this is the only keepsake families have of their baby, and they are treasured forever.

$25 sponsors one box.

Become a monthly donor

Monthly Donor

Monthly donors enable us to continuously support families grieving a pregnancy or infant loss.

A donation of just $15 a month helps a family for an entire year. A family has access to free therapeutic group services, a memory box, a sibling backpack, and continued support and education as they navigate their grief journey.