Hunter Nathanial Sowders

Date of Birth: 12/09/2005
Date of Loss: 12/09/2005
In memory of my son Hunter. I remember when I first heard that I was pregnant with my son. Well we first thought he was going to be a girl at least that’s what the doctor said. My then husband was serving over in Iraq and on 12/05/2005 we found out that we lost our angel. This was also on my mother-in-laws bday. So not a day to celebrate at all. I waited for my husband to get back from over there on emergency leave and then on 12/09/2005 I delivered him. When he came out the doctor said its a boy and we were in shock cause we thought it was going to be a girl. We wanted a boy so bad and when we found that out we were even more heart broken. We laid him to rest at the feet of my grandparents on 12/13/2005. His great grandparents and the rest of the family that has passed on is taking care of him until we are reunited again in heaven. He is our little angel! Mommy loves you!


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June 12, 2014