Brandon Ty Garner

Date of Birth: 7/01/2011
Date of Loss: 7/01/2011
“You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine.” -Dumbo Our Baby Boy Brandon, we waited our whole life for you and you were everything that we dreamed of. We named you, talked about you, and loved you before you were even born. You are and always will be our heart. The stars in heaven above are not vast enough to hold our love for you. You, our angel baby, have changed our lives forever. You have made us strong in our weakest moment. You are our star shining on us from so far above. We miss seeing your beautiful little body and face, the touch of your soft skin, the gentle grip of your hand on our fingertips. We cannot wait to hold you again in our arms. We love you always and forever Mommy and Daddy. “Some people only dream of angels but we held you in our arms”.


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June 12, 2014