OC Nurture To Remember

The OC Nurture to Remember event honors moms who have lost a baby, and the medical professionals who care for them. Designed to create an atmosphere of support, connection, and pampering, this event provides women with beauty services, meditation, yoga, gift bags, refreshments, and more. In a time of unimaginable grief and loss, our annual Nurture event gives these women a very rare opportunity to nurture themselves.

Yoga at OC Nurture to Remember

Nurture to Remember

May 2-8, 2021

The month of May can be a difficult month for Loss Moms. And with the added hardships of the past year, many of us need additional support and nurturing now more than ever.

Beginning May 2, Forever Footprints will have an activity planned for each day of the week. Every activity will be posted on our website and on our social media platforms. Some will get you up and moving, some will be more reflective, and some are meant to just be fun. You can repeat the activities as many times as you like, anytime you want, whenever you need it most.

You don’t need to register, and all activities are free.

Nurture to Remember 2021 Virtual Events

Sunday Q&A

May 2 - Sunday Q&A

Q&A about navigating loss in the week leading up to Mother’s Day with Kristyn von Rotz, the Founder of Forever Footprints and Dr. Sarah Delgado, MA, LMFT, DMFT.

Monday Meditation

May 3 - Meditation Monday

Find a quiet space, light a favorite candle, and join us for a guided meditation

Vision Tuesday

May 4 - Vision Tuesday

Learn what a Vision Board is, how to make one and how it can help you.

Workout Wednesday

May 5 - Workout Wednesday

Whatever your fitness level, we think you’ll enjoy working up a sweat with a fun workout.

Thankful Thursday

May 6 - Thankful Thursday

Do a Random Act of Kindness in Honor of your Baby. Please share your act on social media and tag “Forever Footprints” in your post so we can honor your act with you.

Fun Friday

May 7 - Fun Friday

Make fun a priority. Whether it’s coffee with a girlfriend, getting your nails done, or turning up the music and having your own personal dance party, we want you to schedule time and do something that brings you joy.

Stretch Saturday

May 8 - Stretch Saturday

Throw on your favorite yoga pants and join us for a yoga session, designed especially for you.