Please note the deadline is September 10.

We would like to incorporate memories of your baby or babies in a video that will be shown online and at the event.  If you would like to participate, please send a photograph of your baby or of something representing your baby (such as their footprints, a meaningful quote, their name, etc.)  Please resend even if you participated and sent something last year.
The video/photos will be shared publicly, so please be aware of that.  Pictures must be high resolution.  Please submit no more than 10 words.  You may submit a photo and wording.  Due to space limitations we can only accept one memorial per family/child.
Send submissions to:

Please know our goal is to use all submissions and will do our best to include all that are sent.

Visit the OC Walk to Remember YouTube Channel to see similar videos that we have done in the past.

2012 Memorial Video

2011 Memorial Video