OC Walk to Remember is all about sharing so it’s no wonder we are so proud to announce our partnership with the STILL Project. Beginning June 15, 2013 all contributions made to the STILL Project film fund are tax deductible. We are honored to support Carrie and Jonathan Pascual for producing a feature length documentary film committed to breaking the silence about pregnancy loss and infant death.

Carrie Fisher-Pascual says, “Jonathan and I are very proud of the STILL Project’s partnership with OC  Walk to Remember.   On a personal level OC Walk to Remember has been a  pivotal part of our grief and healing work, but we have also seen first hand the  amazing impact of the organization on the Southern California community.   When we decided in June of 2012 that we were going to commit to making this film  a reality, the first phone call I made was to Kristyn von-Rotz because we have  so much respect for the work that OC Walk does and I knew her feedback would be  incredibly valuable.  The relationship between STILL Project and OC Walk to  Remember is such a great fit because what we hope to accomplish with the film  directly aligns with the mission of OC Walk.  We feel very fortunate that  we have this opportunity to nurture that relationship and extend our  reach.

On behalf of Jonathan and myself as well as all of the people worldwide  whose lives will be touched by “STILL,” we want to sincerely thank Kristyn, the  Board of Directors and all those who support OC Walk to Remember for believing  in this film.”
On June 9th, STILL Project celebrated its 1st Birthday with the infant loss community! If you missed it, you’ll want to watch this special Google + Hangout! Now, let’s continue to break the silence!