Job Description

Responsible to: Board of Directors

Function: Serves as the Executive Director of the organization with responsibilities and duties as listed in this job description and as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Overall Responsibilities:

Program Development and Management: develop, implement and supervise programs and services that are consistent with the organization’s mission.

Strategic Planning: develop yearly goals and work to successfully implement them.

Fund Development and Fiscal Management: together with the Board of Directors and Treasurer, develop and manage the fundraising and financial strategies of the organization; develop an annual budget for approval by the Board; oversee the management of all funds, including grant opportunities, consistent with the organization’s accounting system.

Staff and Volunteer Leadership and Management: motivate and develop the Leadership Team; work with volunteers; work with related staff and volunteers throughout the year: Event Director, CFO, Webmaster, Operations Director, Community Education Director all directly report to Executive Director.

Technology/Social Media: develop social media strategies.

Community Relations: develop effective working relationships within the community, most specifically the medical community: hospital staff, doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, etc. to ensure that the mission of the organization is fulfilled; be a support for families seeking help after the loss of a baby or babies.

Donor Relationships: foster and maintain healthy relationships with major donors and prospective donors.

Events: initiate, implement and supervise yearly OCWTR event (3,000 + participants), as well as 2-4 other events throughout the year.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree

Experience working in a nonprofit organization and other management position

Strong record in fundraising

Employment Type: Part Time

Salary: Please contact us for compensation specifics

For Any Questions and Salary Information, Please Email or Call 800-714-9320