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Tavi Louise Case-Martin

Tavi Louise Case-Martin

To our dearest Tavi Lou Who, the Smallest Who in the NICU,

We love you and miss you so much, every day. Thank you for showing us your spirit everywhere we go, in the butterflies, hummingbirds, clouds, sunsets and rainbows you present to us from beyond. Your legacy and your impact will never be forgotten. Your short life has changed hearts and minds, and you are proving to be the angel and teacher that we always needed. We love you!!!

#teamtavi #littlebutfierce

Love always, your mommies, dog siblings, family, friends, and community who love and miss you.

Yours forever,

Melanie Case, Vickie Martin, Lalita, Stephanie, Trey, Sybil, Rarry, Pepita, Honey, and many more across the globe.

Date of Birth: 2015-05-20
Date of Loss: 2015-06-25



  1. Tavi, you were loved immensely. Watch over your Mommies closely! Till we meet again sweet baby girl! Much Aloha, the James Miller’s

  2. Tavi, Great Spirit, you did a good thing by coming into being and bringing people together and creating community and transforming lives. May you enjoy your new state of being and continue to learn and grow your spiritual gifts and your self as a spirit.

    Your friend, Victor

  3. Little Tavi, we didn’t get a chance to meet but I knew your mommy as a child. For she was a great friend of my sister Jojo. As such I have followed your progress from afar. You may not be aware of how far your love has reached but I assure you your presence will never be forgotten.
    Much love,
    Alisa Johnson

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