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Compassion Award

The Forever Footprints Compassion Award is given to an individual or individuals in recognition of their contribution to the pregnancy and infant loss community.  Each year, support group leaders, doctors, nurses, parents, volunteers or other individuals who have made an impact in the lives of parents and families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss are nominated for this award.

To submit a compassion award nominee for 2018, please complete the following form. [ninja_form id=20]

We are pleased to have presented the following recipients with The Forever Footprints Compassion Award:

2017 Compassion Award Winner Aracely Rodriguez


2016 Compassion Award Winner Ciara Johnson

2015 Compassion Award Winner Amanda Balderrama


2014 Co-Compassion Award Winners Kristyn von Rotz and Elizabeth Pagliarini


2013 Compassion Award Winner Angie Bailey


2012 Co-Compassion Award Winner Laura Navarro-Pickens


2012 Co-Compaassion Award Winner Kirsten Pert


2011 Compassion Award Winner Megan Heddlesten


2010 Co-Compassion Award Winner Kelly Young


2010 Co-Compassion Award Winner Suzanne Engelder